Josh Conn director of Aussie-Thriller, Crow Valley

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Bounty Films is excited to announce the Australian release of the Aussie-Horror-Thriller, Crow Valley. It’s available for streaming now from Google Play, Youtube Movies and Vimeo on Demand.

Mountain biker Benny Jones sets off on a weekend ride to remote Crow Valley but is knocked off his bike in a brutal hit and run. He wakes badly injured in an abandoned cabin where he meets young hiker Greta. When her lies and sanity start to unravel he finds himself in a desperate fight for survival.

Crow Valley was selected for Monster Fest (2021) and has been lauded by the horror media “Conn ratchets up the suspense tantalizingly, increasing tension as the backstories of the cyclist and Greta are slowly — and chillingly — unveiled. The two leads have stirring chemistry together, and both inhabit their characters with gusto […] It’s well shot and directed, with impressive production values.” – Horror Fuel”

Crow Valley is available for streaming now.

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