Got What it Takes to be a Lesbian Warrior Nun? Answer this Casting Call!

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With stars such as Michael Paré (Bone Tomahawk, The Philadelphia Experiment) and Robert LaSardo (The Mule, Nip/Tuck) already attached to the project, Horror-Fix Pictures and Silver Compass Studios is looking for a wide range of roles to fill for the forthcoming “The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot vs. The Lesbian Warrior Nuns of the Great White North”. This ambitious feature length horror-comedy shoots this November and already has distribution in place. Please see the casting call details below:

“Casting Call!!

We are officially opening up casting calls for our film The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot Vs. The Lesbian Warrior Nuns of The Great White North!

Please read this announcement carefully, as we have very specific instructions for the process.

In order to begin the audition process, we need for you to email us your head shot, resume and the role(s) you may be interested in. Don’t worry if your resume isn’t too long; we’re going to do our best to consider everyone!

The email address you need to send to is

Once we receive your information we will review and select candidates for the next round. These candidates will be sent an NDA to sign and return along with sides for the role(s) they’re interested in.

These candidates will then need to create a video audition and share it with us via email. This video can be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, or you can send a link for a shared file from a cloud based service. However, if you post to Vimeo or YouTube the video needs to published as a PRIVATE video that the public cannot view.

Once we receive the video auditions we will review them and begin making selections. This round of the selection process will most likely include in person auditions, so please be prepared for this.

If you submit information to us and don’t hear anything back right away please don’t worry. This is a time consuming process and it may take a few days for us to respond. If you haven’t heard back from us in a week you can feel free to issue a follow up email.

And if you have any questions please email them to us directly. We’ll do our best to get an answer to you right away.

Here are the role descriptions:

Diedre [late 20’s, female, pretty and haunted, pregnant] – Diedre has been selected as the Mother of The Antichrist. She’s full term pregnant, and the unholy little brat in her belly constantly “possesses” her to get her to do what he wants. She’s been trying desperately to find a place to have her child in peace, but bad luck keeps steering her back on the path of evil.

Father Stoltz [mid 20’s man, tall and fresh faced, very young looking, wide eyed] – Father Christian Stoltz is a new priest, fresh from seminary school. He’s been assigned to take Father Mother’s place once he retires. He’s having a lot trouble trying to come to terms with the older priest’s bad habits.

Father Jacob [50’s-60’s man] Father Jacob is on his deathbed. Tasked with maintaining the secret of the Warrior Nuns, he is now desperate to pass on the duty to another. Unfortunately for him, the only two at his bedside at the time of his death are Father Mother and Father Stoltz.

Dee (aka Double D-Licious; aka Sister Delila) [late 30s, female, the proverbial hot mess] – Dee not only lost her faith but used it as an excuse to live life by her own rules. Dee is our constant comic relief; drunk and brazen. Dee has given up her vow of chastity, yet denies it, even though she has been caught multiple times.

Brittney [late 20s, female, the real small-town girl] – Plays to C.C.’s straight man character. Similar sense of humor. Lived in the small town her entire life and dreams of getting out. Possible love interest for C.C. but the two are too broken to make it happen. Quick witted. Has no idea of the sisterhood or what’s at stake.

Cra-Z [late 20s, cute as button, petite] – Currently serving as the cocktail waitress, Cra-Z is on probation and is suspended from dancing until further notice. Cra-Z used to be CC’s roommate until one fateful night…

Trixie [mid 20’s female, pixie haircut, drunk] –
Dumped by Jerry’s cousin, Trixie is on a downward spiral and is currently drowning her sorrows on a daily basis. Her goal seems to be to tell EVERYONE she sees all about how her former lover screwed her over. She also has strong suspicions that Dee had sex with Jerry’s cousin, and so she has vowed revenge (even though there’s no proof at all).

T-Bag [mid 30s, bouncer, little person] – Although hot-tempered, T-Bag can be seen hanging out with the regulars, usually relating stories of his sexual conquests. It was rumored that T-Bag once starred in gay porn, which he denies vehemently. Claims nickname is an allusion to the size of his testicles.

Jerry [mid 30s, every-man] – Being the night manager, the breakfast bar cook AND the announcer/DJ, Jerry is overworked and underpaid. Jerry feels just as trapped as most of the folks in the Beaver Dam, but chooses to inflate the status of the bar to make himself feel better. Also a huge cheapskate.

Jenny [mid to late 30’s female] – Jenny is a paramedic just trying to do her job. However, Splitfoot has other plans for her…

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!”

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