Ghostbusters Trailer is a Painfully Unfunny Cash Grab

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Pervert: “Hey Billy”. I’ll give you a dollar if you take a naked picture of your sister and then post it on the football roster”.

Billy (played here be director Paul Feig): “Make it 1.25”.

Yup, just when you thought there was a modicum of hope for the completely unnecessary reboot of the beloved Ghostbusters franchise, we actually see the first trailer. Holy hell this is just a face palm of horribly unfunny, ill-written comedy that proves unequivocally that the studio doesn’t give one slippery cat turd about its audience. Oh, I should elaborate? I should break this skid marked disaster of a prostate check down for ya to really drive the point home? Don’t mind if I do.

The Bad: Would be so easy to just say “everything” here, BUT I digress and must back up my rather haughty, venomous accusations with some real clarification. These actors have absolutely no chemistry. Sadly, this is not easy for me to say as I have enjoyed Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy in quite a few of their films and normally, when they are together they have a great rapport. So i have to say it is the characterizations here that seems EXTREMELY off. Wiig’s humor most reminds me of Murray if we had to compare the new troop to the old crew and that is where she would truly shine. Instead, she seems totally wasted here and just a name to round out the quartet which is honestly the case behind all four of the “ghostbusters featured in the trailer. McCarthy as some fusion of Egon and Stanz? Naw. We love McCarthy as a bumbling, crass, bull in a china shop and why they have decided to bespectacle and strap a big brain on her is also beyond us. Oh, and the humor. How bout you grab that cactus and show me how we do a tonsillectomy from the deep south. Yeah, it’s fucking painful. “Oh, looks like she slapped the ghost right outta her possessed friend while horribly paraphrasing The Exorcist. Wait, wait, I bet she slaps her again even though the threat is over. Yup. Yawn, fucking yawn.

The Good: The updated effects didn’t terribly annoy me…and that carnival stilt-walker ghost actually looked sorta cool.

Well, if you’re idea of a good time is reliving childhood molestation memories while getting your dick caught in your zipper then check out the trailer below…

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