Game of Thrones Actors make ‘Ginger’ Horror Spoof Dubbed ‘The Irish Blair Project’

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How often have you heard the phrase ‘anyone can make a movie these days? How many do you know that have actually done it? Meet the Game of Thrones stars that have done exactly that and caught the attention of media mega-giant Amazon! Introducing ‘Damien’ – Ireland’s answer to the Blair Witch Project, that nearly never made the screen at all…

Made with zero budget in lockdown with a motely (film) crew, Damien explores the world of its titular character. Writer/director/producer Bobby Marno says “Damien is probably one of the quietest and most likeable guys we know so naturally we thought what if he was a really an evil ginger cult leader?”

Reviving the indie filmmaking spirit, Damien is a guerrilla mockumentary based on what was available. The film’s crew/stars all meet on the set of Game of Thrones where Bobby Marno & Damien Seed where members of the Night’s Watch at Castle Black, whilst Andrew McClay was a Stark Guard, featured in HBO’s own documentary, The Last Watch, and Matt Åkerfeldt was Jaime Lannister’s body double. The film is about an everyday red-haired farmer, who turns out the be the leader of an evil ginger cult who make human sacrifices to an ancient Celtic god, Aed.

Damien had everything working against it. Shot and produced against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the film felt destined not to see the light of day. With zero distribution on the horizon, the film that they had poured their heart and soul into seemed destined to the confines of a DVD shoved at the back of the garage. Until the festivals came knocking at their door…

Since its release the film, Damien, has won several awards on the festival circuit, and has now been picked up by Amazon & Tubi, Damien has been distributed globally where its ginger-clad, Celtic-horror-comedy has had audiences the world over howling in laughter and terror.

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Press Quotes:

“ intelligent blend of comedy and suspense” – UK Film Review

“Few indie horror films ever make it to the mainstream market, but Bobby Marno’s Damien seems poised to break this glass ceiling.” – Indie Film Critics

“Damien is just about as good as found footage horror gets nowadays.” – Horror Reviews By The Collective

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