Free Choose Your Own Adventure Style Slasher ‘Death Choice: Motel Mayhem’

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The Lavin Production Company (@TheLavProCo) is excited to announce that DEATH CHOICE: MOTEL MAYHEM, the second film from writer-director-editor Kate Lavin (TRAIL OF BLOOD ON THE TRAIL) will premier at Motor City Nightmares Film Festival April 23 at 11:30AM. Jeremy Friedrich (@jafredrix), the co-writer and producer, plans to attend the screening and host a short Q&A afterwards.


After a long day on the job, 3 construction workers, a hitchhiking hippie, and a psycho killer all meet up in a roadside motel. Once the welder-helmet wearing psycho shows up, all hell breaks loose and the blood doesn’t stop flowing. This video series is full of crazy violence, blood, wrenches, hammers, weed-wackers, laughs and lots of bad choices. 

DEATH CHOICE:MOTEL MAYHEM is also available online right now as a free choose your own adventure style slasher video series.  Watch the free interactive version at 

where you can choose to run away, grab a wrench, or fight to see what happens as a result. The 4 unique versions will shock you with dramatically different situations, kills, and endings. The festival version is one complete version of the story. Kate was inspired to create a choose your own adventure style horror movie to deliver something unique for the internet with the goal to push the medium’s interactivity and showcase a variety of wild kills with a small cast of actors.  

DEATH CHOICE: MOTEL MAYHEM stars Jeff Bailey (@JeffBailey_), Drift Roberts (@DriftRoberts), Steve Katz (@snevie), Mike Schoepke, and David Stein. Jeff and Drift were memorable as the hilarious stoners in the zombie film TRAIL OF BLOOD ON THE TRAIL ( 

Watch the free interactive version at 


“delivers something fresh, hip and entertaining, that leave viewers wanting to see more” 

“The scene with the weed-wacker was badass and I was totally digging it. This one gets an A +.” 

“watching “Motel Mayhem” was a roller coaster at of fun, comedy and terror. “

Reviews From Beyond – Billy Stamper 

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