FORTUNE CHILD Releases Official Lyric Video for Fool Me Once

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FORTUNE CHILD Releases Official Lyric Video for “Fool Me Once”

Jacksonville, FL based Rock band FORTUNE CHILD has unveiled the official lyric video for their new single, “Fool Me Once,” \which was engineered and mixed by Ben McLeod (All Them Witches), “Fool Me Once”.

“Although ‘Fool Me Once’ was recorded in the studio, it was done live – in one room, all at once, and in one take. This track sonically encompasses how we feel emotionally about music and each other as a band. It’s raw, loud as hell, just punch-you-in-the-mouth sorta sound. With this being our debut single as a trio, we really wanted to come out with a bang. Give it a listen, we’re sure you’ll get it.” – FORTUNE CHILD

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Rock – Soul – Blues. Three fundamental sounds that North Florida trio, Fortune Child, blend and mold to become serious sonic badassery. One year in the making, Christian Powers (lead vocals/drums,) Buddy Crump (guitarist,) and Jon Ward (bassist) have begun to redefine the Rock genre while still holding true to their roots. With powerful leads, long jams, and a genre-bending sound, the band is carving a path of its own. [ tags Fortune Child, Fool Me Once]

In their short tenure together as a group, Fortune Child has already taken to the stage with the likes of Cedric Burnside, All Them Witches, The Georgia Thunderbolts, Blacktop Mojo and members of Godsmack with plenty more appearances to come in 2022. Honing their sound in the studio with Ben McLeod (All Them Witches,) and legendary producer/engineer Kevin Elson (Journey / Mr. Big / Lynyrd Skynyrd) their next round of releases is sure to break new ground and put the power trio in the hot seat.

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