‘Final Summer’ Now Streaming on Apple TV, Vudu, Youtube and Amazon Prime!

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‘Final Summer’ Now Streaming on Apple TV, Vudu, Youtube and Amazon Prime!

“Final Summer” is now available on streaming in the US! 9/18/23 in the UK!

You can rent or buy “Final Summer” on Apple TV, Vudu, Youtube and Amazon Prime!

Late summer 1991 and tragedy strikes on the final day of summer camp at Camp Silverlake. As the counsellors try to shut the camp down for the season, they find themselves fighting for their lives against a masked killer.

Final Summer is executive produced by Gareth “Slasher Trash” Morgan and distributed by Miracle Media, UK.

Featuring Bishop Stevens (A24’s “Slice”, Shudder original “Revealer”), Thom Mathews (“Return of the Living Dead”, “Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives”) and theme music by Slavvy (Terrifier 2), featuring the end credits song “The Taste” by Night Dreamer (Jeff Schroeder of The Smashing Pumpkins).

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