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Ever look in the mirror and think, “man, my threads just plain suck and don’t express a damn thing!”? If so, it might be time to take a cruise over to tshirtbordello.com. These folks carry some of the coolest shirts on the planet and it doesn’t matter if you’re into Sci-Fi, Horror or Saturday Morning Cartoons, they got em’.

TSB was nice enough to send over a sample of one of their original designs featuring Freddy and Jason posing for a selfie. The screen printed image is colorful and crisp on a heavy weight 100% cotton t-shirt.

You can bet I will be wearing this sucker for some time to come!


Head on over to tshirtbordello.com and don’t forget that buying four t-shirts nets you a free one!

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I am a writer/reviewer for the lovely Horror-fix.com and Movieboozer.com. I love Horror, video games and coffee. Currently I spend my days hunting sparkly vampires.

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