DECLASSIFIED: Government Zombie Response Plan

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See, it’s not just paranoia!! Or is it??

According to the website ANONHQ, the government actually used this popular Zombie theme to raise attention for the importance of being prepared, and it got attention. The article talks about different types of zombies, everything from magic zombies and vegetarian zombies to CHICKEN zombies… I am SO serious!! I think it’s great that people are actually trying to make it known just how serious preparedness is right now, especially if you’re like me and fear a civil war erupting between DonaldTrump and Soros! But if you look at the pamphlet, the initials of the group that made it.. Z.E.R.O.  Zombie Emergency Response Operations… I would have tried for something other than zero, but that’s me.
Now perhaps I’m a little gullible, or a little paranoid myself, but the pdf document released by ANON HQ, which you can find here… (Zombie Response Declassified Pdf) reads very much the way I suspect the show “Fear the Walking Dead” is going to play out, add characters and you have a movie, but it also reads like a comical secret code for how to wipe out half of the population and put the rest of us in camps! One of the first paragraphs says “Given the rapidity at which zombie outbreaks spread, decisive, overwhelming, and possibly unilateral military force may be required to negate the zombie threat.” It goes on to talk about executing martial law, international law, dealing with and defining terrorist groups, but again, all while talking about aliens and quoting movies like “The Crazies”.
The one thing I can be certain of is that living in a world of uncertainty the best motto to live by is “hope for the best and be prepared for the worst!” Join us in “The Dead Times” as we start to share real discussion on survival, Walking Dead Style!

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