Dead by Daylight Game Director Mathieu Cote joins Slasher Radio

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Thanks to the fine folks at Slasher radio for bringing this one to our attention!

Mathieu Cote, Game Director of Dead by Daylight and Head of Partnerships at Behaviour Digital stops by Slasher Radio to breakdown their 7th Anniversary releases and so much more! This was truly a VERY fun and informative conversation and we are very excited for everyone to hear it.

A lot of news was dropped. Please see below talking points:

  • Having to hold back publicly on unannounced content
  • DbD Board Game with Level 99
  • Working with Titan Comics on DbD Board Game
  • Decision to move forward with YouTooz for figures over FunkoPop
  • Working with Jason Blum and James Wan on DbD Movie
  • How surreal it is for DbD to be having feature films on this level
  • Details still looking for Director, Writer and Show Runner and talking to “some really interesting people” for the roles
  • Delays due to writers’ strike
  • Picking the characters or story
  • Working with Iron Maiden and Slipknot on cosmetic items including legendary killer masks
  • Confirmed ‘Eddie’ from Iron Maiden will be in game
  • Iron Maiden/Slipknot and Metal Music in general mixing with the Horror genre and DbD itself
  • New Killer/Survivor The Singularity – Gabriel Soma
  • AI/Cyborg Killer fitting today’s atmosphere
  • Soma described as “a lone survivor” and “almost a martian”
  • Designing such an alien/tropical style new map
  • Details how obtaining Nicolas Cage as a Survivor in DbD
  • Ambitions and motives for Nic Cage cosmetics
  • Cage wanting his own voice in-game and his dedication to the voice acting for his in-game character
  • Teases “AWESOME” perks Nic Cage’s character will have
  • Why real-life killers will never be in DbD
  • Details the first attempt at putting “real people” in DbD being Tony Hawk. How the conversation with Tony Hawk went and why it never happened
  • Supermassive singleplayer story game collab
  • MidWinter Entertainment becoming part of Behaviour Interactive and the Players vs Environment game collab
  • Art The Clown in DbD
  • Stranger Things return? “Have you talked to Netflix lately?” “I tried too”
  • The longevity of DbD and overhauls
  • Different game modes are being worked on and confirmed to be coming to DbD. Ranked, unranked, all snowman as possibilities. EXCLUSIVE

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