Carsten Berg’s Debut Novel ‘Tenebras Anima – The Darkness Of The Soul’ Now Available

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TENEBRAS_ANIMA_CoverArtFearetory is proud to announce the release of ‘Tenebras Anima – The Darkness Of The Soul’, the debut novel by author Carsten Berg with a foreword by Bill Oberst Jr. set in a dystopian future, ‘Tenebras Anima’ follows the journey of a risen dead man filled with anger and hate for mankind which has lost all humanity.

In a world without fear and without believe, only the dead remember. A forgotten man rises from the grave after centuries of loneliness, embittered and hating. He begins a journey to fight the fire that destroys all, and the darkness it leaves behind. His fight is the only hope for humanity, and his journey through a barren world the only hope for himself.

“This is a story about loneliness. About the ultimate loneliness; that of the grave,” writes Bill Oberst Jr. in his foreword. “It is, by turns, dark and discomforting; poignant and yearning. And for a story set squarely in the realm of fantasy, it is remarkably earthbound.”

“Tenebras Anima is a dark prospect of a world we seem to be heading towards,” explains Carsten Berg the setting of his debut novel. “Yet while it seems more like the end of the world than its continuation, there is also hope – whether this hope is false or real remains to be seen. You can not have light without shadow, but can you have shadow without light?”

Carsten Berg is currently working on the sequel to ‘Tenebras Anima – The Darkness Of The Soul’ besides other projects to be revealed in the near future. A collection of short stories leading up to ‘Tenebras Anima’ and describing the becoming of its universe is also in the works with its release anticipated in the first half of this year (2016).

‘Tenebras Anima – The Darkness Of The Soul’ is Carsten Berg’s debut novel and the first set in the Tenebras Anima universe. The book is now available worldwide as paperback from Amazon ( at an SRP of $14.99 and e-book at an SRP of $4.99, and from book retailers everywhere.

Author: Carsten Berg
With a Foreword by Bill Oberst Jr.
Language: English
Genre: Literature & Fiction, Dystopian, Horror
Available Formats: E-Book, Paperback
Page Count (print): 362
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.25″ x 8″
Publisher: Fearetory
ISBN-13: 978-1523770939
ISBN-10: 1523770937

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About the Author: Carsten Berg

Carsten Berg is a German born author and internationally accomplished journalist and photographer. He also has a business background. His career includes numerous projects for international special interest magazines, as well as heading marketing campaigns for worldwide companies. Recently he founded the international film news website HorrorBug ( and dedicates most of his time to writing. (

About the Publisher: Fearetory™

Fearetory™ is an international publishing and production collective, dedicated to the genres of horror, drama and suspense. Fearetory™ was founded by Emmy Award winning American stage and film actor Bill Oberst Jr., German born author, designer and photographer Carsten Berg and German born film and video editor Ingrid Borgert. Fearetory’s goal is to create compelling and relevant literary and cinematic experiences by reviving and continuing the traditions of the classic masters of these genres and combining them with modern influences. (

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  1. Thank you very much for featuring my debut novel on Horror-Fix. Your support is very much appreciated.


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