SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS – Short Film Review (2017)

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She came from the woods… where she worked, died, and was immortalized Bloody Mary style.  Written, directed, and produced by The Bloomquist brothers, “She Came From The Woods” was undoubtedly created with much influence from the classics! Starting with your seemingly innocent party seeking camp counselors, complete with cheesy uniforms, the goofy ghost story telling stoner guy, the hot chicks, the jock, and the nerd, and then ending with the time-honored tradition that not only delivers jumps and chills but leaves the door open for a sequel!

I have to say, this is my first experience with a “short film” and I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but this was more fun, and less stressful on this old lady’s heart, than sitting through a 2-hour film that may or may not deliver. “She Came From The Woods” was almost like getting to experience Jason, Candy Man, Tales From the Crypt, and Halloween all in one shot! It kept me on the edge of my seat, made me want to yell ‘TURN AROUND’, and even made me jump a few times. All kill and thrill without cheap fill!

This is a fun, and great tribute to classic horror. A must see!

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