BOOK REVIEW – “Netted: The Beginning” (The Silent Red Room Saga Book 1) by KT Rose

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This is the first work I read from KT Rose and I’m greatly surprised. She takes basic elements such as blind dates with a psychopath, and combines it with de danger of the dark side of the internet, the consequences of a deeply broken family, a girl with a court of ghosts on her shoulders, a man in grief, a cult leader and an audience so hungry for —blood. What could possibly go wrong?

The author sews all together and leaves nothing behind. Characters are very realistic, antiheroes trying to survive life. Lots of blood, fight, betrayal.

I like how she moulds the characters to have a deep psychology factor, so they evolve along the story in a very natural way. The terror element remains in a believable plot. Why not you? Why not me?

In my opinion, a perfect shuddering ingredient that doesn’t allow you to put the book down. I couldn’t!

Honestly, I enjoyed it so much, I felt sorry, suffered and hated together with the characters. In my opinion, that is the ultimate objective for an author, and KT Rose accomplishes it by far. She still keeps though, a key in her pocket to craft an amazing end.

Bad decisions and betrayal: a deadly combination.

This book is not only for horror fans but also for mystery and thriller lovers since the thread hides many twists and clues worthy of turning into a whole novel.

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