BOOK REVIEW “Beware the Demons Betrayed” by Alan Perkins

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I must admit I don’t know where to start from. Well yes, I will start saying:


I do love demonic tales so, of course, I’m prone to extra-enjoy this book. That said, this is a complex title. Many different stories crossing over each other sewing a perfect web of different lives who crush into the same grave.

Every character, every single little plot has an amazing, intricate, elaborate background which would make you believe all of them are perfectly real.

Perkins shows a terrific intellect, managing and turning the point of view, the narrator, inner thoughts and dialogues – jumping from one to another – with astonishing ease. The roots and entrails of every story impregnate your mind as you keep on reading. It’s not a gore book (although it has lots of blood, of course) but it makes you feel that kind of fear which freezes your chest when you think… “you’re not alone”.

The introduction is agile, but about halfway into the book lines precipitate and the read becomes frenetic. Really, I found myself at the edge of the chair, clenching my teeth and murmuring every now and then “holy ******!”

Every detail is essential for the final understanding, the illumination of the end. The information research is huge, all the “sorcery and demonic” material exposed in this book is just, wow. You only want to know more and more. Demons, sorcerers, corpses, resurrections, tortured ghosts… and a psychopath. But oh dear, what a character! To me, this one has centred almost all my attention. I felt sorry and sad, I could feel his pain, I cried with him and I laughed with him. Literally, I laughed.

But anything I’m saying reaches a 10% of what this book made me feel in many different ways. Perkins is brilliant. Brilliant. And I can only encourage all horror lovers reading this to grab this book, give it a chance because you will love it. One of the BEST books I have read (And I read lots of horror. Lots).

This book, made me stop at only a tender 24% of the read to write a post telling everyone how amazing it was. I’m going to stop talking because I won’t make it better than it already is. That is impossible. My most honest and sincere, not only congratulations, but a big great “thank you” to this incredible, still unknown but not for long, excellent horror author.


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