Barbara Magnolfi Joins “The Blackstone”

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Barbara Magnolfi joins the feature-length horror film “The Blackstone” as “Irene”. Barbara will star alongside Marian Aguilera, Monique Parent, Robert Michael, and Travis DesLaurier. The Blackstone is Directed by Alexa Polar. 

“The Blackstone” is a feature horror-thriller about a cursed apartment complex. Philip is not only the apartment manager; he holds all the cards on what’s cursing the lives of those that enter. There’s always a vacancy at The Blackstone. They move in, but they never move out. 

Production of “The Blackstone” was set to wrap principle photography the end of March. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, production will resume in early 2021. “The Blackstone” is a Butterfly Angel Entertainment production, produced by David Bond, Nancy O’Brien, Kathy Dang, and Rudi Silva, Written and Directed by Alexa Polar.  

Barbara Magnolfi is an actor and producer. Barbara is a well respected and established actor in the horror genre. She’s known for her works in Suspiria, The Sister of Ursula, The Suspicious Death of a Minor, and most recently Deathcember. 

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