AND HELL FOLLOWED by Death\’s Head Press – A Hell of a read!

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For the extreme horror readers sometimes it’s difficult to find really good material. I am, myself, an avid reader and a very few times I find something that truly provokes an impact on me. Since a few weeks ago, we have been hearing about Death’s Head Press, who says not to be tied to boundaries or… limits.

Well, their first shot is not a quiet one. AND HELL FOLLOWED is everywhere. Collecting authors such as Sam West, Chris Miller, Christine Morgan, Wile E. Young, Patrick C. Harrison III, John Wayne Comunale, James Watts, The Sisters of Slaughter, K. Trap Jones, Wrath James White, C. Derick Miller, Mark Deloy, Delphine Quinn, Hyäne Sawbones, Richard Raven and Jeff Strand it promises to be “A Hell of a read”.

Under the motto “What if the prophecies of the Book of Revelation hit today?” the authors have given the best of themselves developing the horrors of the end of the world under the power of Hell itself.

The anthology will be released on January 15th although you can already find it in pre-order on Amazon.

We talk to some of the authors to know a bit more about their stories.

“My main character, Jack Fletcher, is actually the nephew of Harry Fletcher, main character of A Murder of Saints, and has a small part in my upcoming novel, The Damned Place. He’s also the main character of a future novel idea I have where he leaves forensic science and starts writing his fantasy novels. In The Damned Place, he mentions Harry Fletcher and the events of Saints in passing to the main character of that book, and there is a massacre in a police station also in that book which gets mentioned in my story, Behind Blue Eyes in And Hell Followed. Fun little Easter eggs from my other books/stories. Obviously, this story takes place way in the future.” —Chris Miller (Author of the story “Behind Blue Eyes” )

““The Whore Of Babylon” takes place in the fictional, sleazy seaside town of Broadgate where I have set three other books, which are “Her Father’s Mistake”, “Writers’ Retreat” and “Dreamworld.” Broadgate is a typically British seaside town, not dissimilar to Blackpool. The town attracts sleazebags and nutjobs and has a colourful history of death and murder, partly because the town is built on the most powerful leyline in the world. “Dreamworld” is an apocalyptic novella where the devil comes to town, starting his rampage on a midnight tour of the closed-down amusement park called, you guessed it, “Dreamworld”… My story for “And Hell Followed” takes place in the same town, on that very same night, in a nightclub down the road from that amusement park.”—Sam West (Author of “The Whore Of Babylon”)

“My story in the anthology is an adaptation from a novel I’ve written but yet to publish. It was about being dead and in hell and playing in a metal bands with the genre subdivided between Satan and Judas and the bands they play in. When DHP approached me with the concept for the anthology I thought it would be a great fit, so I set to restructuring an aspect of the greater story into a stand alone piece. I was careful to make sure that the story I wrote could easily be folded into what is happening in the novel because I do hope to have it published one day as well. I like easter egg things like this in books and music. When The Mars Volta put out the album Francis the Mute they left the actual first track off of the album as it was released. If you wanted it you had to search and search just for that small, little extra that, if missing didn’t take away, but if found added to the experience. I think it would be cool for someone to read the story in the anthology and then go on to discover the book (if and when it comes out) and make the connection or vise versa.”  —John Wayne Comunale (Author of  “Apocalypse… Meh”)

“My story is the prologue of the novel I am writing, under the same name “Cult of the Angel Eaters” —Mark Deloy (Author of “Cult of the Angel Eaters”)

All of my stories take place in the same universe. Fallen, the story in And Hell Followed is vital to my entire universe and will have a novel based from it soon. I have to finish BOS and Misguided Faith first.” —James Watts (Author of “Fallen”)

In my story “The Old Man and the Lamb” the old man is actually the same character I killed off in my award-winning short story “For Love and Fish.” He is only the same person in my mind. The reader (assuming they actually read both stories) probably would not make the connection.

The universe in this story is different than anything else I’ve written. It’s kind of an Orwellian dystopia.” —Patrick C. Harrison III (Author of “The Old Man and the Lamb”)


We are going to hear a lot about this book, it promises to be one of the best horror reads in 2019.

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