“Punto Muerto” (“Dead End”) First Stills and Teaser Reveled

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First images and the teaser of “Punto Muerto” (“Dead End”), a film that according to the critics “refers to the noir cinema of the 40s with incredible precision”.

The film “Punto Muerto” (“Dead End”), directed by Daniel de la Vega (“Jennifer`s Shadow” – Faye Dunaway-, “White Coffin”, “Necrofobia”), had its world premiere at Mar del Plata International Film Festival, the only “Class A” film festival of Latin America, and won 4 awards, including “Best Film”, “Best Script”, “Best Music” and “Best Actor” in Argentina and Uruguay.

Luis Penafiel is a writer who has just finished a novel that presents the perfect crime in a closed room. He has achieved the respect and admiration of all their fellow writers because of the surprising and dramatic resolution of his story. The same night, a writer will be killed, following the same pattern in its history. Peñafiel is accused of the crime, and to prove his innocence, he must find the real killer. In its effort to prove his not guilty, Peñafiel, you will discover that nothing is more confusing than an obvious fact…

Written & Directed by Daniel de la Vega

Photography: Alejandro Giuliani

Music: Luciano Onetti

Art Director: Cecilia Castro

Producers: Magalí Nievas, Ezio Massa, Daniel de la Vega

Associate Producers: Michael Kraetzer, Nicolás Onetti, Luciano Onetti

Starring: Osmar Nuñez, Rodrigo Guirao Díaz, Luciano Cáceres, Natalia Lobo, Daniel Miglioranza, Sergio Boris, Enrique Liporache, María Eugenia Rigón.

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