10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Tell The Horror Fan You Really Care

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We’ve said before that horror fans are a fickle lot to shop for. We often find what we want and add it to our collection before you even get a chance to swipe your credit card. Most of the time shopping for us is sorta like a jungle safari; you don’t even know what you’re gonna get until it’s staring you in the face. We guarantee that this lil ole list of genre must-haves will make your Valentine’s Day gifting a whole lot easier this year, what we CAN’T guarantee is that your creepy lil loved ones won’t already have them after reading this article.

1. Faux Demon Skin Rug

So it’s no secret that we are obsessed with horror decor. From dismembered limb wall sconces to Exorcist style puking soap dispensers, we love those sublet little touches that make your home just a tad creepier. THIS lil ditty takes the cake however. A roaring fireplace, a bottle of wine, and Shertak the Hellspawn a romantic night doth make. Yeah, it might set you back some major dough…but can you really put a price on the unforgettable memories? For a lil more info take a gander at an interview with the maker of these sweet numbers that just happen to pull the room together oh-so-nicely here.

2. The Napkin Art of Tim Burton

So, it’s a high probability that most of Burton’s cocktail napkin doodles have more originality than that art school magnum opus of yours about the impact of post-communist Russia on neo-impressionism. We also think it’s pretty cool. From Oyster Boy to Jack Skellington, this nice coffee table addition takes you inside the mind of one of the most beloved minds in cinema history. you can visit the publisher’s official page here.

3. Necronomicon Light Switch Plate

necro-light-switchKlaatu barada …oomph…was that the ottoman? Sometimes creepy still needs a little light to keep from stubbing your toe. Why not let the loving warmth of the light bestowed upon us by Candarian Demons guide us through the obstacles of our post-New Years living room. These little puppies can be yours for just 25.00 here on Etsy.

4. Replica Amityville House

I can just imagine a demonic little train racing through the tracks in my home office…next stop? The Amityville Horror. This really is a piece for the hardcore collector and the attention to detail is pretty mind-blowing. The artist offers this nifty little hell portal in two sizes. From the artist: “we make two sizes, the small one is 624mm long, 414mm wide, and 353mm high. It’s 1/35th scale. We sell them for £99.00 plus postage. We can post to anywhere. The bigger version sells for £249.0 but is quite a lot bigger. We make to order.” You can follow them on Facebook here.

5. My Bloody Valentine Candle

Nothing says I love you like a box full of…chocolates. Celebrate the horror world’s most renowned cupid’s efforts with this Harry Warden Premium Chocolates Candle. For only 13.50 plus s&h it’s sure to mine your way right into your soulmate’s ummm…chest cavity. These can be ordered direct from Horror Decor here

6. Freddy Glove USB Stick

Where else are you gonna store all of those lovely late night dick pics from your exes?!?!?!?! The truth is, whether your significant is way dreamy or just a downright nightmare at times (see what we did with our words there?) this awesome Freddy glove USB stick really is the only way ti digitally immortalize all of the ooey gooey emails from that special someone. Phoons Freddy Creations can hook you up with one of these badboys right here

7. Facehugger Heart Necklace

Chicks. Dig. Jewelry. I don’t care how un-pc it is. It’s never been a truer statement and I guarantee if you’re looking to seal the deal quicker than a xenomorph ovum depositor, this is definitely the way to go. Grab a hold of that girl and H-U-G. In all honesty, this is about as unisex as it gets and just damn cool to the core. You can pick this up for a measly $22.00 USD on Etsy here today. Seriously, TODAY!!!

8. Horror Themed Glass Etching

Hey, she’s less likely to kick you out if she know’s you’re going to take your art with you, right? Especially if it’s a kick-ass horror-themed glass etching. Well, problem solved. The good folks over at Eternally Etched have you covered with this zombtastic (I know, I know) Walking Dead etched glass. Honorable mention is also a pretty awesome nightmare-inducing Freddy piece up on their Facebook page…just saying. If she/he’s a little finicky, well, hell, they do custom work too!!!

9. Screambox Subscription

So I may not have had many “netflix and chill” offers as of late, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying my favorite streaming movies with a bowl of popcorn and a tall glass of tears…ahem…anyways, why not take advantage of Screambox’s all horror streaming service and get that lil spitfire you’ve been stalking a complimentary subscription…ya never know, you might just get that “Screambox and chill” text you’ve been waiting for. Plus, at $3.99 a month…it’s cheaper than a happy ending at Madame Ming’s…

10. Icons of Horror Throw Pillows

If you took any of our advice for suggestions 1-9 then more than likely you need to start looking for some home decor now as well. Look no further. How could you possibly be comfortable on your favorite couch or “love” seat (get it) without these awesome “icons of horror” throw pillows. Set of 4 includes Jason, Freddy, Leatherface and Michael and can be purchased here.

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Ash Hamilton is not only the owner of Horror-Fix.com, but also one of its major contributors. A long time horror movie enthusiast, Ash has lent his personality to radio and television and continues to support his favorite genre through his writing and art. He also loves beef jerky and puppies... and low-grade street-quality hallucinogens.

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