Netflix Releases New Music Videos for Original Film “Bright”

Guess who has two thumbs and is so musically behind that they hardly recognize anybody on the tracklist for the soundtrack for Netflix Original Pictures’ “Bright” starring Will Smith...


Cryptic Pictures Announces Worldwide Release of “MORTAL REMAINS”!

MORTAL REMAINS is a “shockumentary” which examines the life of Karl Atticus, a notorious filmmaker from the Vietnam era whose works have been mysteriously purged from cinematic history…with good reaso...

march-to-war-walking dead-mobile-game

The Walking Dead: March to War Available Now

SURVIVE AT ALL COSTS, AGAINST ALL ODDS IN THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR, NOW ON MOBILE Disruptor Beam Launches Visually-Stunning Multiplayer Strategy Game Based on The Walking Dead Comics, Bringing F...


Trailer for French Horror movie Cold Ground chills to the bone!

SYNOPSIS: 1976: Two young journalists leave for the French-Swiss border to investigate a strange case of cattle mutilations for French TV. Yet, once they get there, the scientific team they were suppo...


The Dark Mart: A Marketplace for Horror Fans

Have you ever sold an item on eBay, Amazon or Etsy and were outraged by the fees that occurred? Your excitement from the sale, quickly turned into regret due to the additional costs. This is exactly w...


George Pavlou’s Little Devils: The Birth Spawns From Hell One Last Time

Canadian film distributor Shivers Entertainment is set to launch evil upon the world! Their latest launch is a re-release of director George Pavlou (Rawhead Rex, Transmutations) and writer Elliott Ste...


Horror Boards Live Kickstarter Play Demo Released!

SO, we are officially 5 days into our Kickstarter for the horror game system “Horror Boards” and we have been getting a lot of messaged from people asking for a demo video of the actual ga...


‘Friday the 13th The Game’ Gets Official Release Date!

With this title being a huge blip on the horror fan’s radar, it was no surprise that many of use were waiting with baited breath after the announcement of the playable beta for the official rele...


Web Series ‘HORROR HAIKU’ Returns

Here’s the latest from Seraph Films: Seraph Films is excited to announce the return of its long-running web-series, HORROR HAIKU, with its fifth season, HORROR HAIKU: THE MUSEUM. As in previous ...

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