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What to watch this week on Shudder – “It Stains the Sands Red”

Btw, if you haven’t seen this little gem of a zombie movie yet your excuses are running pretty thin. In an effort at being the best streaming service available, Shudder is currently running the ...


Zombedy “ZBurbs” Brings Several Strange Neighbors to VOD November 21st!

ZBurbs “Zombies Have to Live Somewhere!” Indican Pictures will release the zombie comedy ZBurbs this November. What happens when a woman’s husband is turned into the undead? You feed him bad people! Z...


HorrorFix Exclusive: Illinois Company Creates REAL “Walking Dead Experience”

OK, so this needs to happen…virtually…I mean, what I I’m trying to say is this is pretty damn cool and I need someone to immediately pony up the cash for me to do it!!! So, we caught...


Have a Hot Cup o’ Joe…or Kevin…or Whatever His Name Used to Be!!!

We see some cool horror items come through the HorrorFix offices, but these have got to be some of the absolute craziest in a while. These custom zombie and vampire mugs from www.turkeymerck.com are a...


Zombie Doctor – The Card Game, launches on Kickstarter.

A fun and frantic card-turning game has achieved 25% funding in just 48 hours. Colin Hutton, the sole creator of Zombie Doctor, is proud to announce his new card game launched on Kickstarter on 2nd Oc...


Zombies In Media: From Night Of The Living Dead To The Walking Dead

Think you know everything there is to know about zombie lore? Think you an go head-to-head with the biggest of fans? Well, for those self professed undead aficionados, we get a little infographic fer ...


4filmstodie4 Offer Us a Glimpse of Short Horrors “George” and “Zombie”!

We are really LOVING the community that has grown around short horror films as of late. We just got this press release this morning from the film group calling themselves “4filmstodie4” an...


New Psychedelic Horror Adventure ‘Amethyst’ premieres on Amazon Prime

The most shocking silent horror film since Nosferatu. Amethyst, written and directed by psycho-sensationalist, Jared Masters (Slink, Ballet of Blood). Shot in 4K resolution, in a secret garden, this h...


Its Kids vs. Zombies in “Dead Shack” Trailer!

I do like the look of this and if something is going to get me to watch another zombie flick, its might just me giving me some “Stranger Things” alumni. That being said, this lil ditty is ...

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