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Sodom & Chimera Opens The Temple of Lilith

Arthouse Short Streaming Now Companion Piece Sulphur for Leviathan to Premiere Next Year Following an exciting festival run for their first feature Flesh of the Void, Sodom & Chimera has unveiled ...


Experience the Death Of October early with new song from AUTUMNS EYES

Today you can experience the Death Of October just a bit early with a brand new track from Halloween-inspired Gothic metal band Autumns Eyes. At the crossroad between a hallowed holiday and the cusp o...


Halloween horror metal band AUTUMNS EYES reveal new album “Ending Life Slowly”

At the crossroad between a hallowed holiday and the cusp of a dead cold winter is where you’ll find Autumns Eyes mastermind Daniel Mitchell. After many seasons of seclusion and intermittently hitting ...


“Hearse Life” coming to DVD from Frolic Pictures!

From the Frolic Pictures press release: “Here it comes! At last! The milestone 25th release from ‘Frolic Pictures’ — “Hearse Life”, a Deadset Productions, feature-l...

king-in-yellow-inspired-final reconciliation

King in Yellow Inspired ‘The Final Reconciliation’ Up for Pre-Order

TAKE OFF YOUR MASK. Thirty years ago, a progressive rock band called The Yellow Kings began recording what would become their first and final album. Titled “The Final Reconciliation,” the album was ex...

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