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Vestron Video’s Gothic Arrives on Blu-ray 1/30

by horrorfixon 11/21/2017
From the Vestron Video Collector’s Series, the horror classic Gothic will arrive for the first time on limited edition Blu-ray™ on January 30 from Lionsgate. Starring Golden Globe® winner Gabriel Byrne (2009, Best Actor, “In Treatment”), Julian Sands, and Natasha Richardson, and from legendary director Ken Russell (Lair of the White Worm), Gothic is the fictional retelling of the night Mary Shelley developed the […]


by horrorfixon 08/31/2017
Composer Robert Reider releases jazz fusion / synth heavy soundtrack to the detective noir vampire comedy feature film, “Dark Seduction”. A Midnight Releasing distributed film directed by Greg Travis and produced by Steven Bishart. DARK SEDUCTION, the newest midnight movie cult hit. Since its premiere at the famous NuArt theatre in Santa Monica, the film […]


“Puppet Killer” Trailer Released

by horrorfixon 07/23/2017
The much anticipated trailer for Lisa Ovies’ film Puppet Killer comes on the heels of some amazing additions to the team. Joining Lisa is producer Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare), composer Stephen Gallagher (The Lovely Bones, The Hobbit Trilogy) and Darren Leader of Steel Panther. The film features a powerful ensemble cast including Aleks Paunovic […]

LINNEA QUIGLEY is about to get lost on BONEHILL ROAD

by horrorfixon 04/22/2017
LINNEA QUIGLEY is HOWLING for BONEHILL ROAD!!!  Indie Werewolf Movie BONEHILL ROAD is raising funds via INDIEGOGO for the next 17 days to bring MORE WEREWOLVES, MORE EFFECTS and to bring special guest star LINNEA QUIGLEY to the film!!!  The campaign is GOING ON NOW – for 17 more days!!!  BONEHILL ROAD is a […]


‘Flesh of the Void’ – Trailer Release

by horrorfixon 04/16/2017
Sodom & Chimera Productions releases trailer for controversial horror film ‘Flesh of the Void’ The independent media production company Sodom & Chimera Productions has released a trailer for their upcoming horror feature ‘Flesh of the Void’, a provocative, controversial experimental film, shot almost entirely on Super 8. The film deals with the question “what if death […]

Ultra violent eurohorror synth score “Nightmare Vision”

by horrorfixon 01/30/2017  “Nightmare Vision: Music for Film” collects German composer Karate King’s best musical pieces written for film in 2015 and 2016. Inspired by his passion for 70’s and 80’s euro horror soundtracks, Karate King fluctuates between the macabre and beautiful to the downright perverse in these retro-sounding, yet timeless compositions. Karate King and Karate King […]


Dreaming Purple Neon signed with Unearthed Films

by horrorfixon 01/15/2017
There’s a new drug on the streets, turning people into savage monsters!  It is up to one small group of people to stop the plans of an evil madman before it’s too late!  DREAMING PURPLE NEON is the new feature from indie Horror pioneer, director Todd Sheets.  A Modern Horror Film that is also an […]

New Horror Anthology 10/31/16 Releases Teaser

by horrorfixon 11/05/2016
SYNOPSIS: A video tape given to a group of teens by a sinister trick or treater turns Halloween night into a living nightmare. ABOUT THE PROJECT: Red Letter Entertainment, Inc. brings you the directorial debut from Rocky Gray (composer of The Barn, Killing Floor 2), two time Grammy winning musician and former drummer for Evanescence. […]


Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories – Final Teaser Poster

by horrorfixon 08/27/2016
SYNOPSIS: A couple plans to purchase an old home, but would like one last tour before the closing. They’re guided around the estate by a creepy realtor that may have more in store than they bargained for. Searching floor by floor, they begin to discover the remnants of its sordid and terrifying past… A popular […]

driller queen

Experimental filmmaker Kurt Dirt’s exploitation horror feature film DRILLER QUEEN sees its first trailer release

by horrorfixon 08/20/2016
DRILLER QUEEN is the brand new exploitation film from 29 year old British musician/performer turned filmmaker Kurt Dirt.  Self described as “a cross between ‘Party Monster’, ‘Maniac’, and every HG Lewis movie ever made” DRILLER QUEEN is John Waters influenced Producer/Director Kurt’s second feature film to date.   The plot focuses on a scalp snatching killer drag queen […]