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Irish Horror Film ‘The Wake’ needs your help!

With the rich folklore and history of Ireland, it really is a curiosity that we don’t see more Irish horror films. Well, here is our chance to see at least one more, and I haveta admit I’m...


Award-winning filmmaker Emma Dark announces her disturbing new Sci-Fi/Horror short film SALIENT MINUS TEN.

SALIENT MINUS TEN is the new Sci-Fi/Horror short film from award-winning independent filmmaker Emma Dark.  The film is pegged by Miss Dark as a “cerebral foray into the darker more disturbing side of ...


The first ever female-directed Russian film noir with reverse chronology

This might not technically be horror, but its just weird enough that we thought you should know about it… So yes, you heard it right, this is the “first female-directed Russian film noir f...

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