Company: Indican Pictures


Man Underground Searches for Answers in the Stars and in the Shadows

Man Underground “We Are Watching You.” Indican Pictures is set to release Michael Borowiec and Sam Marine’s Man Underground. The film is a genre bender as a retired geologist attempts to discover extr...


Reality is Shattered with Andrew Finnigan’s Simple Creature this July 25th

Simple Creature is a modern re-telling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In this version, new implant technology alters Em’s (Carollani Sandberg) reality, after a brutal accident. Also, scre...


Jim Klock’s 6:66 PM Offers a Devilish Good Time: First Teaser

Full Auto Films and Code 3 Films have re-teamed for the horror comedy 6:66 PM. In the film, a group of faux ghost hunters enter the home of a deceased serial killer. But, this killer lives on and he i...