Biray Dalkiran


45/25 perfect crime in cinemas Sept. 6

Celebrities social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube are the newest role models of our youth cause they lead a charmed life…till their hunted by a masked person…But who is hid...


Breaking Glass unleashes ‘THE CROSSBREED’ on North American audiences this March

Supernatural Horror’s North American DVD & VOD Roll-Out Begins March 6 Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North American rights to the supernatural horror/thriller THE CROSSBREED. Breaking Glass...


Horror “The Crossbreed” Garners More Critical Acclaim

Turkish famous director Biray Dalkiran’s (known for film triology “Purgatory”, “Heaven”, “Hell” and tv series “Evidence”) first movie in USA expected release date of beginning of 2018, “The Crossbreed...


‘The Crossbreed’ movie news

After the first trailer success, The Crossbreed fans demand second trailer After the launch of the first trailer that made us all triggered, B.D. America is releasing the new trailer of its newest pro...

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