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Win an Autographed #TWD Script

Win the script that started it all. Enter now to win the pilot script autographed by Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal. Click here to join the official fan club and enter to win!


Sneak Peek: Carol and Daryl Reunite, 6 Years After Rick

I gotta admit, by the end of last season I was all bit done with the Walking Dead. I was there since the first episode, but I couldn’t ignore the sound of the death rattle in the background. The...


New The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer

With so much news basically shaking the death rattle of this show its hard to get excited about a new season, We know that Lincoln is leaving so the fate of Rick Grimes is already decided. Looks like ...

Walking_Dead_The_S8_NATIONAL_3D_BD_O-CARD copy


The #1 Drama On Television Returns To Blu-ray™ and DVD on August 21 from Lionsgate Worlds collide as “All Out War” breaks out between the factions when AMC’s blockbuster hit series “The Walking Dead”:...


The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale to Serve as Finale for ALL 8 seasons?!?!?

Definitely some weird rumblings coming out of the AMC camp as of late concerning their one-time cash-cow The Walking Dead. It’s no secret that the shows huge dip in ratings has disturbed both th...


‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Teaser Now Available

No I know season 7 of The Walking Dead left many fans divided. Although I agree that the season in its entirety felt a little uneven that didn’t stop me from enjoying the hell out of it. Maybe t...


5 TWD moments that changed Rick’s character forever

The Season 7 Premiere is right around the corner and the world of the survivors is about to get much, much bigger. Before Rick‘s life changes forever, take a look back at five of Rick’s iconic moments...

AMC Lets Loose Season 6 of The Walking Dead online

As if any of you might have spent the last 6 or so years in an underground bunker, coma, or Kansas, there is this nifty little show on AMC that all the kids are raving about called The Walking Dead. W...

See the Opening 4 Minutes of the Mid-Season Premiere Early

So, yes, until this Sunday comes to pass the world will collectively be losing its shit waiting for the mid-season premiere of the return of The Walking Dead from its hiatus. What we can do to satiate...

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