Review – Backstroke (Horror Short)

When two teens steal a car and run away from home, things go awry when they make a pit stop on their way to Florida. Backstroke is a short from writer and director Robbie Barclay (Dope City, Daybreak). It stars Josephine Christoffersen and Shemar Jones as the young lovers Amber and Jake. Tom Frank plays the Man. With this film being only 11 minutes long you wouldn’t expect much, but with this short amount of time, you get a real feel for the characters. You can feel the fear that Amber is displaying as the Man, a stranger that appears out of nowhere in the woods, approaches her with a seeming innocence that quickly turns to creepiness. She attempts to escape back to her vehicle with no luck in locating her boyfriend, and the worst you could imagine in the situation she has found herself in, comes to light. The acting was superb and real and the cinematography has a 90s feel to it that comes off as nostalgic. The only negative thing that can be said about this film was that it wasn’t long enough! It stops at the most suspenseful moment and you are left craving for the outcome and answers. 

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