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SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS – Short Film Review (2017)

She came from the woods… where she worked, died, and was immortalized Bloody Mary style.  Written, directed, and produced by The Bloomquist brothers, “She Came From The Woods” was undoubtedly created with much influence from the classics! Starting with your seemingly innocent party seeking camp counselors, complete with cheesy uniforms, the goofy ghost story telling […]

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\’Horror With Heart\’ featured artist- Lika of Darkgoverness Designs

Well, her name isn’t really Lika, BUT for the sake of social media privacy that’s the name we are using. Lika and I connected on Facebook a little over a year ago at a pretty critical time in my life. It was the summer after Sean died and I was forcing myself to plan the […]

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What’s in a finger? The Walking Dead Inspires ‘Flip Off Fridays’?

Introducing “Flip Off Fridays” For those who just don’t get it yet, and apparently there are quite a few, let’s get this flippin the bird thing out of the way once and for all and use it in the best way possible!! There are SO many reasons that this is a great identifier for survivors… […]

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The Healing Art of Horror

Enduring The Walking Dead If you are a domestic abuse or sexual violence survivor ANDa fan of the show, I’m betting you’re a super fan like myself.  This show takes visual survival to a whole new level, NO DOUBT, but for many by making real psychological issues so mainstream, they have opened the doors for real […]

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DECLASSIFIED: Government Zombie Response Plan

See, it’s not just paranoia!! Or is it?? According to the website ANONHQ, the government actually used this popular Zombie theme to raise attention for the importance of being prepared, and it got attention. The article talks about different types of zombies, everything from magic zombies and vegetarian zombies to CHICKEN zombies… I am SO […]

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