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  • Trying to get some sort of device to work so I can get back to writing! I have a new obsession with the show Supernatural and found some great stuff on Netflix! Not sure if the whole site here changed cuz I don’t have a computer ATM, but I love the look of the @horrorfix site from my tablet! I’m guessing the more time I spend here the faster it…Read More

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    • Just revamped the entire site, basically from the ground up. New design, new framework, new mobile experience. We now have the ability to create “hubs…so for example, we could create a supernatural “hub where all Supernatural news, reviews, etc. are all filtered on this specific landing page all catered to the show and fans could submit their…Read More

  • Hope All is well at @horrorfix home!! <3 <3 <3 New year new hopes!

  • I wonder … see I can’t get the header to disappear when the keyboard comes up. I’m using chrome on the phone. … I’m going to try the WordPress app…

  • So I’m guessing my phone is jcrap

  • So who’s going to die tomorrow. .. it’s been too long, someone is going to go… LoL

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