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    ~Miss Kellie~

    5 years, 1 month ago

    IM IN IM IN!!

    • @horrorfix ty! what did i do wrong? new computer will be here next wednesday… uber excited. trying to get ahead of tech battles before they start…lol

    • Awesome! We had to change the login procedure, but I think all systems are go!

      • and it keeps me logged in!! love it, love the way this works on the phone… you’ve done an incredible thing here!! i’m so excited! Hopefully i can get back to contributing soon. new computer is being shipped now. turns out the reason i had so many problems with the old one is it was a W10 and needs at least 2g of ram to run and i had only 1.93 available… don’t know… having onlyone hand for typing most of the time is pretty aggravating too…lol.

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