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Review – Scare Me (2020) is beautifully simplistic

Scare Me (2020) from writer/director and co-star Josh Ruben is a low budget thriller now available on Shudder. The script is simple enough, the atmosphere is ominous and appropriately foreboding. The Plot: 2 horror writers randomly meet while out for a jog and come together after the power goes out in their separate cabins. Franny […]

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Review – Notzilla – The Spoof Has Only Just Begun !

Notzilla (2020) from writer and director Mitch Teemley is clearly a spoof of The King of Monsters, Godzilla. This had disaster written all over it, but instead Teemley planted tongue firmly in cheek, took cues from classic film spoofs and gives us a pretty entertaining movie. Plot: in 1962 a young paleontologist, Dr. Honda rescues […]

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Do We Really Want Another Friday the 13th?

I love Friday the 13th, always have, always will. I own all the movies on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray, plus I’ve pre-ordered the definitive box set coming out next month. I collect the NECA Friday the 13th figures. So needless to say, im a huge fan. Rumor going around is there might be a new […]

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Toys, Glorious Toys! – A Guide to Horror Collectibles

Horror toys and collectibles, we love them, we want them and there’s never been a better time for them. For years the only way we could get them was to find one on a back shelf at Toys r Us, specialty store or order from a catalogue. Horror movies have never been more popular than […]

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Review – Antebellum (2020)

Antebellum – definition ‘before the war’, specifically used in reference to the civil war. Attempting to write a review for Antebellum without giving away spoilers is going to be difficult. Is there a twist? Yes. Can you figure it out on your own? Again Yes. Am I going to talk about it? No. Antebellum stars […]

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