Review – Awake (2021) is a Beautiful Mix of SciFi and Psychological Thriller

Review – Awake (2021) is a Beautiful Mix of SciFi and Psychological Thriller

Special thanks to Horror-Fix contributor Travis Taylor for supplying the review! Nothing ruins a film for me like shoddy, unbelievable science, action scenes that are poorly choreographed in attempts to make actors with zero weapons training seem “ninja like” and tired old “scare” formulas. Awake, thankfully, is not one of those movies! Awake is in fact a beautiful mixture of sci fi – psychological thriller and if you’re a parent, a horror movie. Awake is about an “event” that takes most modern science equipment, cars, phones, etc. off line and stops everyone from sleeping except a quickly rapidly dying old woman and our heroine’s young daughter. It’s a race against time to both stay alive and to try and find a cure (using the two only “sleepers” as guinea pigs). Our Heroine (Gina Rodriguez, who did a smashing job!) establishes right off that she’s an ex-military-securityguard-single mom trying to make ends meet by pulling all night at work shifts and you know, selling expired, stolen drugs on the side…because who doesn’t do that to make a little extra cash? Am I right? After picking her kids up from her mother-in law (who we realize doesn’t want her to have a whole lot of time with the kids), the “event” happens and after a very believable portrayal of the results from some type of E.M.P. (electro magnetic pulse) discharge, her car is struck by an out of control truck and thrown into a body of water. She manages to get her kids out and save herself but as she surfaces we realize that her daughter (Ariana Grenblatt, who was also very convincing) has drowned and emergency services are attempting to bring her back to life. One of my favorite scenes is when she gets her kids to a hospital and tells them her daughter has been injured and a nurse looks at her daughter and asks something like, “Are you okay sweetie?” and when the girl answers “Yes”, the nurse looks at the mom and says “She’s fine” and walks off. Crisis brings out the professional in all of us! After that, we have a society of people partying in the streets as t’were 1999! Until the effects of sleep deprivation start to manifest, at which time the movies starts to get into the meat and bones of the reality we would face if this had happened I.R.L. Partying becomes panic, panic becomes fear, fear becomes chaos and then it’s gangs of roaming thugs, tripped out drug dealers, dead cops in the street and total, unbridled chaos and mayhem perpetrated by sleep deprived, hallucinating “regular folk” who are losing their minds. Our heroine is not immune and we see her giving herself cognition and memory tests throughout the movie using it as a gauge of how far gone she is. A testament to her military training and determination to keep her kids alive. One of the most striking points I took from the film was found in the mother constantly trying to train her daughter to do the things she needs to stay alive because she’ll soon be alone. It was sort of an eye opener for me and should be for most every other parent. You aren’t going to be able to be there for them forever; and if the world descends into chaos, you might not have very much time to train them to stay alive without you. Overall, Awake touches base on the fears many people in society have about EMP’s affecting our nation, as well as our fears about a government and society gone mad and rapidly turning into animal like killers but -also- about being ill prepared for such an event and having to live in perpetual terror about what’s coming next and the future of our kids. I couldn’t find anything wrong with this film and suggest you set aside some time and watch it.

Action-Packed Crime Thriller “The Awakener” comes to Digital, Blu-ray and DVD

The Awakener Available Everywhere on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital January 18, 2022 from Shout! Factory Based on the popular Brazilian comic book series, the action-packed crime thriller The Awakener comes to Digital, Blu-ray and DVD January 18, 2022 from Shout! Factory. Fans of this fast-paced vigilante tale can pre-order their copies by visiting Check out the film’s trailer here: Once a federal agent of the Special Armed Division, Miguel has lost everything and is now on a journey of vengeance. Highly trained and skilled with weapons, he assumes the identity of the deadly masked vigilante, “The Awakener.” His only mission is to eradicate corruption and the gangs of politicians and criminals who would govern his beloved homeland at the expense of its people just to enrich their own personal interests.

OLD STRANGERS – View the first terrifying trailer!

OLD STRANGERS On Digital January 11, 2022 Something lurks in the dark of the woods… VIEW AND SHARE THE NEW TRAILER! This January, something lurks in the dark of the woods. Writer/director Nick Gregorio’s(Happy Birthday Harry Malden, Green) post-pandemic thrillerOld Strangers kicks off 2022 with a shiver., Sarah, Michael, and Danny try to rekindle the spark of their youth only to be confronted with the harsh realities of their relationships. Just beyond their reunion, in the deep woods, there is something otherworldly growing and feeding on their pain. Madeleine Humphries, Colton Eschief Mastro and Ted Evans star in the unnerving OLD STRANGERS, premiering on digital January 11 from Gravitas Ventures. Three friends reconnect in a secluded mountain town after a long quarantine. While out for a hike, the trio stumble upon something dark and terrible in the deep woods. Horror/Thriller. Not Rated. Distributor : Gravitas Ventures

AN EXQUISITE MEAL – View the new trailer!

**OFFICIAL TRAILER LAUNCH** AN EXQUISITE MEAL On Demand and Digital December 28 A horrifying dinner date awaits you… VIEW AND SHARE THE NEW TRAILER! A sharply satirical genre-bending journey through one absurdly terrifying dinner party in modern America, AN EXQUISITE MEAL is a darkly playful Buñuelian nightmare that’s full of punchlines and twists. An affluent couple hosts a dinner party for friends, promising them an amazing meal. As the night goes on, uninvited guests arrive, wine flows, and dinner is strangely delayed. When the party is interrupted by a shocking diversion, one of the guests goes off on his own and discovers something unexpected about what’s being served for dinner. As identities unravel, the host tries to maintain control of his carefully orchestrated evening as the party descends into violence, bizarre sexual escapades, and the absurd. Directed by Robert Bruce Carter and starring Mike Jimerson and Amrita Dhaliwal, AN EXQUISITE MEAL will be available On Demand and Digital December 28 from Gravitas Ventures. Victoria Nugent, Ross Magyar, Mark Pracht, Emily Marso, Bassam Abdelfattah, Siddhartha Rajan and Luke Johnson also star. Horror/Thriller. Not Rated. Distributor : Gravitas Ventures

The Thing by Matt Ferguson

Earlier this year, Universal Pictures released a Special Edition 4K Blu-Ray of John Carpenter’s The Thing, which featured new art by Vice Press co-founder and creative director, Matt Ferguson. Matt’s art for the release cleverly built on the box art he produced for StudioCanal’s Special Edition 4K John Carpenter Collection which included They Live, Escape From New York and Prince of Darkness which were also released by Vice Press as movie posters. In October, Matt and Vice Press added Halloween to the collection and on Tuesday the 7th of December, Vice Press are set to release The Thing, too! Officially licensed through Universal Pictures LLC, The Thing will be available in a regular timed edition and variant lava foil, both sized 24×36 inches, along with an Editions Variant! The Thing by Matt Ferguson will be available exclusively from Vice Press on Tuesday the 7th of December at 6pm GMT (UK) time/ 1pm ET (US) time. The Thing Regular by Matt Ferguson Timed Edition from 6pm Tuesday the 7th of December until Midnight Sunday 12th December 24×36 inches Hand Numbered Offset Lithograph Printed on 300gsm Archival Paper. £44.99 © Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved. The Thing Lava Foil Variant by Matt Ferguson Limited Edition of 300 24×36 inches Hand Numbered Offset Lithograph Printed on Mirri Lava Foil Paper. £54.99 © Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved. The Thing Editions Variant by Matt Ferguson Open edition with sequentially numbered authenticity hologram on reverse. A2 (16.5 x 23.4 inches) Fine art pigment print Printed on GF Smith 250gsm Absolute Naturalis Matt paper with archival inks. £29.99 © Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Girl with the Cutter, Golgota and Jack the St. Ripper from TetroVideo available for pre-order

The Girl with the Cutter, Golgota and Jack the St. Ripper from TetroVideo available for pre-order

The Girl with the Cutter, Golgota and Jack the St. Ripper from TetroVideo available for pre-order on Goredrome Distributed by TetroVideo, the slasher film Jack The St. Ripper (USA, Italy – 2017) by George Nevada and the extreme films The Girl with the Cutter and Golgota (Spain – 2021) directed by Mikel Balerdi are coming in a limited DVDpack edition (Slipcase + DVD + Card) in december. The Girl with the Cutter and Golgota are twomedium-lenght films and will be available in a double feature release (100 numbered copies only). Exceptionally, for a limited time only, these new TetroVideo titles will be available for pre-order starting from December 6th via Goredrome Horror Store (and not on the TetroVideo official website as usual), the new online store with exclusive discounts, tons of horror/extreme films, books and horror gadgets. On this occasion, XXX Dark Web and House of Flesh Mannequins will be back in stock with a new amaray edition that will be available on Goredrome. Written by Domiziano Cristopharo (Nightmare Symphony) and directed by George Nevada (Scarecrowd), Jack The St. Ripper is a slasher film about a stripper boy played by Alexio Cohen. Jack the St. Ripper is a homage to the giallo genre, in particular to the Dario Argento filmography and also to the cult film Carrie (1976) by Brian De Palma. Synopsis: a dance group of male strippers are brutally murdered one by one by a masked killer wearing black leather gloves. Alexio Cohen, Cleverson Rodrigues (P.O.E. 4: The Black Cat), Chiara Pavoni (Xpiation), Francesco Giannotti, Mark Thompson Ashworth, Frances Williams, Antony Ferry (Scarecrowd) and Gabrielle Bergere star. Jack the St. Ripper DVD Bonus Features: Jack The St. Ripper (Cinema Version); Bloopers; Backstage; Alexio Cohen hot gallery; Original Trailer. Best known for his feature debut Larva Mental, Mikel Balerdi is back with the double feature of The Girl with the Cutter and Golgota. The Girl with the Cutter (51 min.) is an experimental art film and it’s inspired by a true story. Cofi Valduvieux plays a tormented woman who battles the urge to cut herself. She spends her time fighting voices, having visions of a demonic version of herself and trying to figure out the best way to harm herself. With her mental suffering mounting, things start to escalate. Golgota (26 min.) is a film about extreme body art with a very pronounced sexual component. The film is told through a series of title cards per hour. It’s 6 hours in the life of Wendy, a woman with multiple paraphilias and who has no limits. The Girl with the Cutter and Golgota DVD Bonus Features: GOLGOTA; The Girl with the Cutter (Original Version); Interview with Wendy; Interview with Mikel Balerdi; The Girl with the Cutter Trailer; Golgota Trailer.



AMITYVILLE IN THE HOODON DIGITAL DECEMBER 10 This December, the Boyz face horror.From director Dustin Ferguson (Ebola Rex), experience AMITYVILLE IN THE HOOD these holidays.A gang uses the cursed and abandoned Amityville property to grow marijuana, but it soon makes its way to the streets where it is giving users a killer buzz.AMITYVILLE IN THE HOOD streets December 10 on VOD from Wild Eye Releasing.    

SEPTEMBER’S MONSTERS Public Minting on December 6th at 7PM EST!

SEPTEMBER’S MONSTERS Public Minting on December 6th at 7PM EST! New Character Images Revealed! Emily Lazar of SEPTEMBER MOURNING’s dynamic new NFT collection–a collaboration with NFT Media Box (NMB)–is revealing another selection of stunningly detailed and dynamic visual characterizations for her upcoming SEPTEMBER’S MONSTERS world within the already beloved Monsters Rehab established universe, all of which will become available on December 6, 2021. From sci-fi to horror to fantasy and super-hero incarnations, the incredible selection of striking depictions are not only dazzling pieces of unique art, but include ongoing fan and collector opportunities with the investment, as collectors will receive the otherwise unavailable new track, “Dirty” with the incredibly detailed new adventure in the Monsters Rehab universe, along with other utility including access to the Monster’s Rehab Metaverse, gaming, IRL merch discounts, future music releases, a download of the September Mourning graphic novel, and more! Click for More Information on SEPTEMBER’S MONSTERS and to Access Collector’s Opportunities! Roadmap Activations & Utility ON DROP Copy of the September Mourning Graphic novel! Exclusive September Mourning new Single, “Dirty”! Access to discords! 15% off merch at any September Mourning show! 25% SELL OUT Access to the games and Monster Rehab Metaverses! Unlock raffles for tickets to September Mourning shows! Exclusive September’s Monsters discord emojis! 50% SELL OUT Unlock raffles for signed merch! 75% SELL OUT Live performance from September Mourning in the metaverse! 100% SELL OUT Septembers Monsters transformation! Development of another graphic novel featuring September and the Monster Rehab characters! Potential to unlock infinite objects! Unlock raffle for physical copies of the graphic novel! The Story of September’s Monsters: September Mourning is a human-reaper hybrid, who feels the need to give good human souls a second chance at life, sparking an epic battle between the living and the dead. Fate, the world’s creator and ruler of Mortem (the land of the dead), has sent it’s reapers after September to stop her. Stitch is one of those reapers. He is also the master of space and time, which he uses to fight her by fragmenting the existing timeline into 6000 separate timelines… each with it’s own unique looking September. September wakes up in each timeline within the Monster Rehab with the monsters looking down at her, angry and hungry for her soul. Fate has taken all of theirs and told them to destroy her. Will September be able to save the souls of the monsters and repair the timeline before it’s too late? The Details SEPTEMBER’S MONSTERS is a collaboration between The Monster Rehab and September Mourning. These worlds combine in a 6000 piece NFT drop. The drop itself is historical as it is not only the first female metal/ rock musician to drop a generative NFT project but it is cross-chain which means it is available half on the Ethereum Network and half on the Binance network. September Monsters is also using their NFT platform to distribute new music from the band. The holders of this NFT will be the only ones to download the new single “Dirty” from the band as it will be exclusively available through this NFT for the time being. “I want to show independent musicians that you don’t have to rely on third parties to be seen, heard or make money in the music space. You can use this new technology to fuel your fanbase and connect directly to them.” Alongside the music, storyline and art, with each NFT being unique and not duplicated across the different blockchains, is other utility including access to the Monster’s Rehab Metaverse, gaming, IRL merch discounts, future music releases, a download of the September Mourning graphic novel, and more. “This is your membership into the world of September Mourning and September’s Monsters!“ Join us by signing up here!

Scott Slone’s Feature Debut MALIBU HORROR STORY Wins 3 Festival Awards

Scott Slone’s Feature Film Debut MALIBU HORROR STORY Wins Three Festival Awards Ahead of Screening at Culver City Film Festival Friday, December 3 at 7:30PM Ticketing options available here, including individual screenings and single day passes. WHEN: Friday, December 3, 7:30PM PST. WHERE: Cinemark 18 & XD – Theater 9 6081 Center Dr., Suite 201, Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310) 568-3394 WHAT: MALIBU HORROR STORY has its Los Angeles premiere with an in-person screening opening night of the annual independent Culver City Film Festival, following its world premiere closing night of HorrorFest International, where it won the award for Scariest Film, and recent award wins from the Atlanta Horror Film Festival (Best Horror Feature) and Spooky Empire (Best Feature Film). Scott Slone’s horror-thriller follows a group of amateur paranormal investigators creating a documentary about four teens missing since 2012, a case that remains unsolved despite recovered camera footage from the day of their disappearance. The investigation leads them to the teens’ last known whereabouts: a cave deep in the Malibu mountains, where they set up camp. Attempting to communicate with the spirits within, the investigators bring forth an ancient demon intent on guarding the land and enacting the same gruesome fate those four teens met ten years ago. The film features Dylan Sprayberry (MAN OF STEEL; Teen Wolf; Glee), Robert Bailey Jr. (Emergence, Shameless, The Night Shift), Valentina de Angelis(Gossip Girl, As The World Turns), and Rebecca Forsythe (WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) as the paranormal investigators; Douglas Tait (Legacies, Star Trek: Picard, HELLBOY, Teen Wolf, Grimm) and Troy James (What We Do in the Shadows, MALIGNANT, The Flash, SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, The Strain) as demons, brought to life by realistic and skin-crawling visual effects. WHO: In attendance will be MALIBU HORROR STORY leads Robert Bailey Jr., Valentina de Angelis, and Rebecca Forsythe; writer/director Scott Slone; model Jeremy Meeks; singer-songwriter Lyrica Anderson (Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood); rapper Bankrol Hayden; actor William Forsythe (RAISING ARIZONA, The Man in the High Castle, Boardwalk Empire); Disney Channel star Kylie Cantrall (Gabby Duran & the Unsittables); actor/comedian Michael Blackson (30 Rock, Wild ‘N Out, COMING 2 AMERICA); actress Talia Jackson (Family Reunion); actress Reylynn Caster (The Young and the Restless, American Housewife); and actor Amani Jackson (READY PLAYER ONE, Grey’s Anatomy). WHAT ELSE: After painstaking production spanning ten years, Slone is excited to have MALIBU HORROR STORY continue its festival run with upcoming selections at Shockfest Film Festival and more to come. Web and Social Web | IMDb | Instagram | Twitter

Perfect Kaiju Double Feature – The Great Buddha Arrival and Nezura 1964!

The perfect kaiju double feature is now available! THE GREAT BUDDHA ARRIVAL is an all- star reboot of the very first tokusatsu kaiju film that was the inspiration of Godzilla! A must have love-letter to all of kaiju cinema! NEZURA 1964 tells the real life tale of an ill-fated production and the origin of Gamera! Absolutely NOT to be missed by any fan of Gamera or kaiju!. The Great Buddha Arrival: All-new trailer: Purchase it here!: Nezura 1964: All-new trailer: Purchase it here!: