Doing Hard Time with REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS – Blu-Ray/DVD Mediabook Review

Since the beginning of filmmaking in the late 1800’s, films have brought to audiences many genres. I have been a fan of genre films since I was a child, although […]

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Review – WE GOT A MONKEY’S PAW (2018 Short)

So many times, when you watch a movie, you hope it will be an experience that will make you want to re-watch it. With WE GOT A MONKEY’S PAW, we […]

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Review – THE DEAD ONES (2020)

Movies put us into a time and place. Horror movies are meant to put us in situations that we as viewers, are glad we do not actually have to endure. […]

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Don’t Fear the New Year or The Reaper in this Awesome Blue Oyster Cult Halloween Tribute!

In 1978 there was no MTV.  I have always wondered what a music video for John Carpenter’s Halloween with Blue Öyster Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper would’ve been like. Since […]

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Review – The Dead Don’t Die (2019)

The summer is well under way and movies have been steadily rolling out for the season. Every year movies are released with the studios banking heavily on them. While many […]

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