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Makeup Artist Dennis Preston

About Dennis: About Me Hi. My name is Dennis Preston. I have always been interested in art, ever since I got the Artist of the Month award in first grade. I was always drawing and sketching in school whenever I could. When I finished high school I set out to the American Academy of Art. Where I majored in Illustration, but that's not all I do. Knowing that the art world is tough and very competitive, I decided to widen my expertise, become a jack of all trades, so to speak. But the one thing that I have always loved the most is horror films and special effects, so I decided that make up effects and filming would be my main focus. Now I freelance creating props and special effects makeup work for independent filmmakers in and around the Chicago area. I am also a photographer for the majority of my projects. I have recently been doing a lot of body painting to get more surreal beauty shots in my portfolio. Feel free to message me if you need me for: - Special effects Makeup - Body Painting - Photography - Illustration

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